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Trend or Timeless: Plaid

This I Wear | Trend or Timeless: Plaid

I think plaid is having a moment, but then again, I also thought plaid never left.

I see plaid everywhere right now. It isn’t the grungy plaid of the 1990s or the Clueless plaid that came later (I definitely had a number of plaid kilts from Limited Too if that tells you how old I am). Instead, this is the plaid that your favorite lumberjack wears every day, the classic tartan on a good Scottish kilt, and probably not too far off from the plaid already hanging in your closet. This is the tried and true plaid that I think never left. So I guess my question is – is this plaid explosion a trend or just an opportunity to stock up on something timeless?

I experienced this same confusion two years ago when suddenly everything was emerald green thanks to its selection as Pantone’s “Color of the Year”. When this gorgeous green was suddenly trendy, I took it as my opportunity to buy a few great green things, as it happens to be one of my favorite colors. Some might have engaged with the green as a trend, but for me, it just felt like a lucky time to stock up on what I know I’ll love regardless of the current style.

And that’s sort of how I feel about the plaid moment happening right now. You can see it as a trend, or if you love plaid, see it as your lucky day (or season).

Just to prove my point, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pins to show how timeless plaid truly is – from a 1950s Pierre Cardin coat in the Met Archives that I would wear in a second right now to a present day red tartan dress and oversized coat that would be perfect for your holiday party.

What do you think? Is plaid a trend or is it timeless?

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