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If You Need It: A great bathing suit

This I Wear | Eco-Friendly Swimwear from Faherty Brand

The more that I tell stories of clothes here, the more I get asked the simple question of “where should I be shopping?” And unfortunately, there’s no single perfect source for everything we need that just happens to be ethically produced. Right now, the best place to shop for something ethically made is where you can find it.

So I’ve started little challenges for myself, as if I’m training for the marathon (the marathon of helping all of you find the responsibly produced stylish versions of everything you need). So when I think of an item I’d want, I see if I can source it ethically with as much style and quality as I’d demand of any purchase I’d ever make.

In honor of July 4th, today’s challenge is the swimsuit. Google “eco-friendly swimwear” and you will find a whole lotta ugly. Like a lot. But ask your Twitter followers after a fruitless full hour of googling, and you’ll get Faherty Brand (Thanks, Hattie!).

Faherty Brand, founded by a savvy pair of twin brothers, is a recently-launched swimwear line for men and women. The line predominately uses recycled polyester fabric, one that they’ve worked hard to create, so that it dries fast, retains its shape, and uses less resources like water and energy in fabric production. And well, the swimwear happens to be super flattering too.

If you’re curious, the swimwear is made in Taiwan, and they’ve shared a peek into their suppliers, though no information about their practices. But the brand also carries scarves created in partnership with Fair Trade social enterprise, Mercado Global, which works with women artisans in Guatemala (and I happen to be a huge fan!). I’m curious to learn more.

So, if you need it, find a great bikini (or some swim trunks) from Faherty Brand.

What are you searching for but can’t find ethically produced? Email me your challenges and I might tackle it in a future post.

[Images via FahertyBrand.com]

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