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The Want-Free Week

This I Wear | The Want-Free Week

Last week, I had all but written this post but was left with no time to post it, which is just sometimes how things go around here.

I was preparing to leave for a work trip to DC – a trip that as soon as I agreed to it, I started to feel unprepared. My casual work wardrobe that New York’s culture allows for would not fly on Capitol Hill. I immediately went into a mindset of lacking. My clothes weren’t enough, which almost too easily transforms into that nagging, destructive thought “I am not enough.”

So just before the trip was set to begin, I dropped some cash on a “power dress,” appropriate for DC and all future “professional” events that come every once in awhile. And I did feel a sense of relief as soon as I had the dress. Now I’m ready. Now…I’m enough?

Here’s my wish for you (and for me!) this week, especially because next week brings Thanksgiving and that new American holiday, Black Friday: let yourself be free from wanting this week. Starting now and until Sunday morning, just let go of thinking you need anything you don’t already have.

If you see something you love, write it down and then let the thought go. You can return to that list later, but don’t think about it beyond that for now. As you scroll through your Pinterest and Instagram feeds, feel inspired rather than inspired to have. Appreciate things for what they are, knowing that you have everything you need right now.

For everything we feel that we need, we can often equate it with something we feel is missing in ourselves. Did I need the dress or did I need the confidence to go outside of my comfort zone?

There were still a few more things that I felt like I needed to be ready for the trip. But I let those thoughts go and the trip went just fine. Will anyone remember that I wore the right dress or that I didn’t have the right handbag? Or will they more likely remember my smile, my story or the way I spoke about something I’m passionate and curious about? (Another possibility is that they won’t remember anything!)

So just like you might be eating lightly this week in preparation for a big Thanksgiving meal, can we “want” lightly this week in preparation for the oncoming shopping season? A “want-free week” might help us recalibrate and detox, so that next week, we can more easily recognize the difference between a want and a need, and be a little more mindful when these superficial needs and wants are just covering up what our gut is telling us we truly need.

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