Related No.4

I took a break from sharing my favorite readings and links around the internet as the new year had everyone off on a slow start. But I’m so happy to see new and exciting discussions on different aspects of ethical fashion popping up and also insanely grateful for the inspiration.

Here are a few things I’m loving lately:

1. Get Inspired by unexpected fashion. I recently attended the 4th Annual Recycled Fashion Show (pictured above) hosted by Bridge House New Orleans. Not only was it fun, but it put a whole new spin on thrift shop style and benefited a very worthy cause.
2.Watch Beth Doane talk about the dirty side of the fashion industry in this TEDxEMU video.
3. Attend Redress Raleigh’s Eco Fashion and Textiles conference from March 22-24 to see local players and industry gamechangers discuss how sustainability and social consciousness is finding its way into the apparel industry.
4. Learn how to properly sew on a button in this adorably quirky video by Eileen Fisher.
5. Love Given Goods, an online store where everything (yes, everything) gives back in one way or another. They’ve truly done a spot-on job of sourcing well-designed products from a wide range of young and growing brands. And well, they’re simply nice people too!

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