Related No.3

Related No 3 | This I Wear

1. Read Farhad Manjoo thinks he’s found “the best sweatshirt known to man” and it’s made in America. [Slate via HBR]
2. Read the all-knowing Simon Doonan talks Etsy and making.
3. Watch the Obakki Foundation & 5 South Sudanese models team up to share stories of South Sudan and create high fashion that gives back to their motherland through clean water and sanitation projects.
4. See Chanel’s latest collection looks right out of the history books. Then take a peek behind the scenes how Chanel’s seamstresses make their famous tweed jackets.
5. Love Melissa Joy Manning‘s responsibly sourced jewelry line that features recycled metals, all handmade in her California studio. (My favorite is the fossil collection!)

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