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Pinecones | This I Wear

1. Read Well Spent, a blog featuring “obtainable, honestly crafted goods” for gents (and the women who love things made in the USA).
2. Read A love story of lost mittens
3. Think Why don’t we get dressed up anymore? Smithsonian’s textile blog “Threaded” explores dress codes and etiquette of the 1960s.
4. Make Grab a sewing machine and create custom boot stuffers to keep your tall boots happy, courtesy of Loeffler Randall and HonestlyWTF
5. Watch Twins & biz partners Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato talk about the materials, the work, and the story behind their jewelry line [via OfAKind]
6. Do Nola TimeBank regularly hosts an event they call “Fix Mix” – bring clothes, shoes, electronics, whatever and the community will help fix it on the spot to keep things that can be repaired from being thrown away.
7. Love Mercado Global, a nonprofit that creates insanely stylish accessories with women artisans in Guatemala (and currently collaborates with big retailers like ABC Carpet & Home and Levi’s)

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