My Closet: My watch and a lesson in patience

My personal closet is full of stories, and I will be sharing many of them here. To kick this series off, I’m talking about one of my favorite things and how the search for something can be just as memorable as finding it.

A watch is unarguably a practical wardrobe staple. Technically, we could argue that everyone defers to a cell phone these days, but I’m going to argue that (1) you should know how to read a real clock and (2) checking your phone in certain situations is neither feasible nor respectful. But there’s also something sort of magical about watches. As something routinely worn everyday, it is not surprising that it is commonly passed between generations. It is easy to imagine the previous owner securing the watch around his wrist each day, so that the watch feels each change in pulse as it ticks on. It’s not coincidental that a timepiece can remind us of times (and people) past.

For years, none of this mattered to me. I wore the random gifted watch on special occasions I was anxious to cut short (awkward family gatherings, college exams, etc). But I began working events where my time was scheduled literally to the minute, and any good event planner knows you had better wear a watch, especially if your dress doesn’t have pockets for a phone.

My search for an upgrade coincided with my move to Manhattan, and I naively found myself drawn in by every depressing black watch I found. There was one watch that I really thought was it. I went back to the store at least three times, we checked each other out, but I never could commit. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, but I knew I would know when I saw it. A year later, the gut feeling proved true: I found a simple, classic watch with a lovely modern update of rose gold, and it’s only gotten better with age. The moment our eyes met, I knew the wait had been worth it.

There is no single memory I attach to my watch yet, but my favorite part of wearing it is that it reminds me that I do know what I want and it’s ok to hold out for it. It was a lesson in patience and to not settle by opting for what was easy or simply there. Instead, I took the opportunity to find something I absolutely loved. It might seem silly, because it’s just a watch. But it is also my watch. So yes, my watch search taught me a little bit about life, but it also just makes me smile.

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