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Favorite Gift: Ruby Earrings | This I Wear

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? I’m collecting responses for an upcoming holiday-themed This I Wear post and I’d love to share your story. If you already know exactly what your answer is, comment below or email me to share your story and include who gave it to you and why you love it.

We remember certain gifts for lots of reasons: the gift was useful or was something we absolutely love, or perhaps we remember the gift because of our relationship to the giver. In thinking about what to give this holiday season, I started to look to the best gifts I’ve ever received for inspiration. Immediately, I thought of the pair of gold and ruby earrings I’ve worn at least once a week for the 4+ years I’ve had them. These little bits of bling were given to me as a college graduation gift by my employer at the time. While it was a gift from the whole office (of three women), I could tell by the style that my boss Aimee made the ultimate decision.

I was 21 years old when I first started working for Aimee. She had just started her event planning business, and I was the first paid employee. I was still in college, but Aimee trusted me like no one had ever trusted me before. By the end of my year and a half, I had planned a wedding in Mexico for one of our clients, and I was barely over the legal drinking age. I remember the job as stressful, thrilling, challenging, and, most of all, one of the best experiences of my life. In fact, I’m convinced that my work experience with Aimee has not only helped me get every other job I’ve had since, but it has made me successful in all of them too. I was naïve and stubborn at the time, but Aimee helped me grow up. And now, as I inch closer to the age Aimee was when she started her business, I continue to see her as a model for who I want to be and the life that I want to have, even if event planning is not my career focus.

To receive such a thoughtful and beautiful gift from someone I respect so greatly felt more like I had received an award than a gift. Aimee was more than my boss; she had become my role model. And every single time I wear them, I think of her and the gratitude I have for the chance she took on me.

What if each gift we gave this holiday could have that same effect? It’s easy to get absorbed into the culturally-imposed chaos of the holiday season and forget the reason we give gifts in the first place: to show love and appreciation to the people who are important to us. Before you buy a last-minute gift card from the drugstore, think about what that person truly means to you, what they need and/or love, and how a gift might even remind them of your relationship with each other. It might still feel like a lot of pressure to find the right gift, but a little thoughtfulness can ensure that the recipient will continue to love the gift long after the holidays are over.

Feeling inspired now? Comment below or send the story of your favorite gift, whether it’s something you can wear or not, along with who gave it to you and why you love it. Just a few sentences will do! Your story might be featured in an upcoming post.

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