My Closet: Gold Scarf + Adventures with Becca

Gold and Black Scarf | This I Wear

Do you remember in middle school when your best friend would go on a family vacation and bring you back a keychain with your name on it or one of those pens that has a hula girl floating up and down like a snow globe you can write with? Maybe you were lucky and got a rock from a national park?

Lucky for me, when my friend Becca studied abroad in Spain, she brought me back a souvenir that trumps all floaty pens.

The scarf itself is beautiful. Gold metallic thread woven into a black background creates patterns similar to the intricate designs of Damascene jewelry, famous in the Toledo region. It is my best friend on an airplane, because I can stay warm, actually look more stylish, and avoid those unfortunate airplane blanket fuzzies that always seem to linger behind.

Becca and I were Resident Assistants together for a year in college. We both go by “Rebecca” and “Becca” but for clarity’s sake with our staff, she was Becca and I was Rebecca. We were incapable of shocking each other with our quirks, and she never flinched when I suggested we do something ridiculous.

One time, Becca won two Halloween costumes: a giant King of Hearts card and a giant Queen of Hearts card. Obviously, we put these costumes on and ran around the building (she even let me be the King). A year later, Becca helped me stage a live version of “The Office” Olympics for my residents. She was in charge of drawing the tilde (~) on the snack table’s lemonade.

There are other things that remind me of Becca: carrots that she eats by the bag full, Sufjan Stevens after a frostbite-filled night of camping out for concert tickets, and every time I lose The Game. But there’s something about wearing a gift from a friend that makes them seem a little bit closer, even when life has separated you by hundreds of miles.

While Becca may think of other things when she recalls her adventure in Spain, I love wearing this scarf because it reminds me all of the crazy adventures we have shared together.

This post is in honor of Becca’s birthday today! Since I can’t be there in person, I wish her the happiest birthday ever and many more adventures (hopefully some we’ll have together!).

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