My Closet: Black Silk Tunic + My Alter Ego

Equipment Black Silk Tunic

I have a specific style. At this point, I think my outfits are pretty predictable. But, occasionally, I like to try on other personalities by trying on something different for the day.

One of those personalities is the Parisian. I am not a Francophile by any means, but there is something effortlessly cool about a Parisian girl. Londoners are quirky and New Yorkers try too hard, but I am pretty sure that every girl in Paris wakes up looking amazing. And if she doesn’t look amazing, she doesn’t care. That attitude is the source of the complicated but effortless cool the rest of us have to work for. Some days, I want to wake up with a view of the Seine, eat dessert for breakfast, and then browse through bookstalls, head over to Merci, or sit for hours at the Musée de l’Orangerie. On these days, I default to classic black ballet flats, some skinny jeans, maybe a little red lipstick if I’m feeling bold, and my black silk tunic by Equipment.

I found this shirt at a discount designer store in New York City, and I instantly loved it. It was priced as an investment, but I am otherwise frugal and I have a rule that if I really love something, I buy it. (This rule works for me, because this rarely happens. It might not work for you.) I also knew it would be something I would still be wearing many years from now. I can’t wait to be 40 and rocking this shirt while my bilingual children whisper, “Notre mère est très chic.”

Clothing can help us dream. Little girls love to play dress up for a reason. Even as adults, we can try on different personalities and different lifestyles to see what they feel like. Maybe we even use clothes to see how people react to us. From one day to the next, we can be an entirely different person with no commitment. This experimentation is not an escape from reality but just one way of discovering who we want to be and what life we want to create for ourselves. When I wear this shirt, I am a cooler version of my current self, and it’s fun. It reminds me to stop rushing and to travel more. It helps me dream that one day my whole closet could be filled with things just like it, and I might have the life to go along with it.

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