Transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring (with Printable Checklist!)

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Spring is officially here. The birds are chirping. The flowers are blooming. And you’re ready to pull out your sunglasses and sundresses and head outside. If you’re like me, you may be feeling like you never want to see a coat or scarf ever again. Seriously, never ever again. But unless you’re migrating south, you’re going to need that winter wardrobe to be in great shape next winter too.

This weekend, as I dropped off two pairs of boots to my neighborhood shoe repair for end-of-season cleaning and heel repair, I realized it’s time for the official wardrobe switch over. But I tend to forget exactly what’s required to do the switch well. Since I take a lot of time and care (and sometimes money) in selecting what goes in my closet, I want those pieces to last for several more seasons. So I figured there’s no better time than now to get organized with a good old-fashioned list to make sure I spend as much time and care in putting away last season’s clothes and accessories as I do in pulling out my old favorites from last spring/summer.

For your benefit and mine, included here are my checklists for saying “thanks and see you later” to your winter wardrobe and saying “hello” to spring. And as an added bonus, you can download a simple PDF version, so you can keep the lists handy for future reference.

*Before I leap in, just a quick note. I have a tiny NYC apartment, so I don’t have lots of space to store anything. In fact, I usually have all seasons of my wardrobe accessible year round. But taking the time to properly mend, clean and fold/hang clothes after a season (especially winter woolens!) is key to helping them last for years to come. So whether you have the luxury of being able to store away off-season clothing or you’re just moving them a little further to the back of your closet, following these steps will help your things last a lot longer.

[Download the PDF version]

This I Wear | Winter Wardrobe Checklist

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  1. Erin

    These are great lists, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing them all with us. I’d be curious to see what your “answers” are to the spring checklist – i.e., what you’re repairing, searching for, or putting away for another season.

    • Rebecca

      Hi Erin,

      Thanks for this question! I actually started to review my clothes a few weeks ago and because I was finding some things that I didn’t love but are in great shape, I put a swap party on the calendar for my girlfriends and I in early May. It turned out they were already cleaning their closets too and/or in need of a few pieces, so it was perfect timing. At the same time, I also made a list of what I’m going to need this season, which for me is a new pair of flats, a pair of dressy shoes for a wedding I’m in (which will also replace a pair that broke last year), a pair of casual shorts, and a dress that I can wear to a few special events. And having this list before the swap party is great in case the perfect piece shows up there.

      My mending pile is small right now – one sweater and one ripped shirt – but I need to do a little youtube DIY watching before I tackle those (or find a friend who can help!).

      Does that answer your question? Is there anything that you’re working on or stuck on where I could help?

      • Erin

        You definitely answered my question – I was more curious than anything else :)
        I’m also looking to replace a couple of pieces: a few stained v-neck tees and a well-loved chambray that are all on their last legs. I’m thinking Everlane and I’m saving up for a Tradlands chambray. Happy hunting!

        • Rebecca

          You should check out Zady and BeGood Clothes for tshirts – I’m just starting to get to know both brands, but there seems to be some great intentions (and organic and affordability) there. And thanks for introducing me to Tradlands – will be checking that out!

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