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Last week, my office was hit with an IT meltdown of epic proportions. It was so epic in fact that I immediately hopped on Google and inquired if Mercury was retrograde. It turned out that not only was Mercury retrograde, but it was actually the first day of this latest period. Since the IT meltdown continues into this week, it’s tempting to avoid certain tasks – like writing, using a computer, or negotiating a lease renewal with your landlord.

I won’t get into the details of Mercury retrograde if you’re unfamiliar with this extremely popular astrological cycle that wins over many a skeptic. However, if you’ve noticed that your technology is on the fritz and your communications with others are a little murky, well, then you already know what it is.

Regardless of whether you believe it, a colleague shared the silver lining of all this with me. Apparently, it is a great time to finish projects rather than start something new. Her way of tying up loose ends was to take on her pile of mending. So instead of venturing out into the cold on a winter weekend day, she stayed in and hand-washed, repaired rips, sewed buttons back on, and finished all of the little things needed to keep the things she loved looking their best. And that, despite the chaos in the heavens, is just a lovely thing to do.

Visit my pinterest board for some mending and repurposing advice or share your favorite resources here. Stay warm, good luck and enjoy putting your sewing kit to good use, wearing freshly fixed clothes, and dropping off those heels that needed polishing and repair to your favorite cobbler!

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