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Summertime should be spent out on the beach or eating popsicles on your stoop. But I have a confession that I’ve been very distracted lately by my search for the perfect summer sandal. In fact, I admittedly have spent an excessive amount of time online and in real life looking for a new pair of sandals, mostly out of fear that my favorite pair is going to break beyond repair any day now.

The silly thing about it is that I’m not being indecisive. It’s just that I know exactly what I want.

So the lightbulb came on that maybe if I told the Internet what I wanted, it might miraculously find me. It also occurred to me that this might also be a helpful visual guide for you if you’re curious about what qualities to keep in mind when shopping for a well-made, ethically produced shoe.

I’m not a shoemaker, so I’m not 100% certain that all of these fantastic qualities can exist in a single sandal. But I’ve done a little homework and I think this is a great place to start. But I’d also like to know: what ideal qualities would you look for in the perfect shoe?

P.S. If you want more details, you should read what happens to be my most popular post of all-time, How to Invest in Your Shoes Like A Pro.

A million thanks to the very talented Mike Brown (@mchlbrwn) for the beautiful illustration!


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  3. Marie

    I tried to post a comment the other day, but it seems I failed, so I’ll try again: I would recommend that you take a look at the traditional Spanish menorquinas, or avarcas/abarcas, as they are also called. I don’t know if they meet all of you criteria, but you can at least check off the recycled rubber sole, timeless design, stiched insole and for some brands) the padded insole. I haven’t looked into youe other requirements, but I’m sure you can find the info online. I have to pairs, one inexpensive and a fancier one from the brand Ria Menorca, and am very impressed with the craftmanship and quality in the latter, and they are extremely comfortable. I have decided to never look at another sandal ever again!

    • Rebecca

      Hi Marie! Thank you for sharing! I was offline for a few days and for some reason didn’t get a notification of your comment – apologies! And thanks for the tip! I’ve been curious about avarcas but wasn’t sure if they were actually comfortable. Will definitely try on a pair now!

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