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This I Wear | Summer Reading 2014

I did very little reading this spring. I made it about halfway through The Goldfinch and then desperately wanted to stop only because I was afraid of how it might end. But since I’m not a quitter, I just “took a break”, which meant I wouldn’t let myself move on to a new book. I finally did break the self-imposed curse with The River of Doubt, following the stories of Teddy Roosevelt’s reckless adventure in the Amazon. I have just 50 pages left, and I am itching to get back to some reading on my favorite subject (the fashion industry) just in time for one of my favorite traditions of all time (summer reading).

My latest summer reads are below, and don’t forget to check out last year’s reading list here. On the other hand, if reading isn’t your thing, I suggest picking up an adorable bathing suit and some flip flops and heading outside – just don’t forget the sunscreen.

What’s On My Reading List

Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change by Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose – This book has been calling my name for months as it has sat unread near my desk at work. Kate Fletcher is a London-based professor, the founder of one of the coolest fashion storytelling projects ever (Local Wisdom), and possibly one of the people I’d most like to meet in the world. Lynda Grose is a California-based professor who has amazing insight into where sustainability and fashion exist now and where they could go. Together, they’ve made a book that covers everything you’d want to know about how to get creative in bringing sustainability to fashion products, systems and design. I’ve been intimidated because it looks like a (skinny) textbook, but it’s time for it to move to the top of my list!

Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard – This is Chouinard’s first book about his work in founding Patagonia. If you’re at all interested in entrepreneurship or how businesses can do good by people and the environment, I’m told it’s a must read.

The Third Plate by Dan Barber – After reading an interview with Chef Dan Barber on my favorite food blog, Food52, I immediately added this book on how to make what we put on our plate reflect “where good farming and good food intersect” to my list. It’s supposedly a little bit world food history, a little bit farming, and a lot about finding out how to make and eat delicious food.

Wish me luck! We’ll see if I finish these by the end of the season. In the meantime, what’s on your reading list?

P.S. A huge shout-out to the many of you who recommended Goodreads to me as a way to track my reading. I’m loving it! (Find me here!)

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