Trend or Timeless: Skinny Jeans

This I Wear | Trend or Timeless: Skinny Jeans

It was not that many years ago when I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. I remember them and miss them so intensely. They were black, slightly stretchy Gap jeans, and they had brass zippers at each ankle that went up the calf. I remember them down to the thoughts that went through my head in the dressing room as I was deciding whether or not I was someone who could do skinny jeans. Not because of my body type but because of my fear of being trapped in them.

“Well, at least these have a zipper, so if you start feeling claustrophobic in them, you can unzip the legs while you break free,” I assured myself.

And I did use that as an escape route on multiple occasions, often if I wore them when it was too hot. By the time I got up the stairs to my apartment, perhaps I’d be sweating so profusely, I’d unzip the side zips before I attempted to peel myself out of them. I never knew if I was really going to make it out alive.

Oh how I loved them as did my two roommates at the time, since we all had the same pair. But I wore them to death, and so we parted ways after I squatted down to pick something up and the crotch ripped. It was time.

Embarrassing moment aside, I’ve been on the skinny jean train since then. If it wasn’t for skinny jeans, I might never have met my other dear friend, the thong.

But with everyone pushing boyfriend jeans on me for what has been a surprising number of seasons when you really think about it, I wonder how long the skinny will reign? At this point, I feel like they’ve been around for ever, but of course it is all relative in the world of fashion.

What do you think? Will the skinny jean join other classics and be considered timeless style? Or will it go down as just another trend? How long can something does something have to be in style to become timeless? (Or is that irrelevant?) Also, what kind of denim are you wearing these days?

Happy Fourth of July to all and I hope you’ll be wearing the most American of pants, the noble jean, as you celebrate this weekend!

[Photos, left to right: here, here, and here]

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  1. Pearl

    I have one pair each of bootcut jeans, straight leg jeans, and skinny jeans. I didn’t like skinny jeans at first because they seemed really tight (until jeggings came out) and I wanted to be resistant to trends, but after a few years of seeing other people wear them, and so many bloggers and companies saying how they were perfect for everyone and perfect for wearing with looser tops, I thought that they might be okay. Corduroys and khakis came out in the skinny style, which might mean the fit is a trend, but now I do think that skinny jeans can be worn by so many people in so many outfits that I think people are going to make it last. Though maybe the similar straight leg jean would be the more timeless option. I think skinny jeans have been trends in the past, but I don’t know enough to say if that means anything.

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m the other way around. I dislike skinny jeans and prefer a boyfriend fit. Skinny jeans feel to constricting to me. However, I think a straight fit in selvage is probably more timeless.

  3. Kristian

    Well, I love skinny jeans and hope, they stick around! I don’t actually see that many wearing boyfriend jeans but maybe it is just me….

    • Rebecca

      I feel like other women are wearing boyfriend jeans but I just can’t pull them off with my body type. When I try them on, I look 5 inches shorter :) But yes, definitely more in skinny jeans than any other style (myself included!).

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