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I think plaid is having a moment, but then again, I also thought plaid never left.

I see plaid everywhere right now. It isn’t the grungy plaid of the 1990s or the Clueless plaid that came later (I definitely had a number of plaid kilts from Limited Too if that tells you how old I am). Instead, this is the plaid that your favorite lumberjack wears every day, the classic tartan on a good Scottish kilt, and probably not too far off from the plaid already hanging in your closet. This is the tried and true plaid that I think never left. So I guess my question is – is this plaid explosion a trend or just an opportunity to stock up on something timeless?

I experienced this same confusion two years ago when suddenly everything was emerald green thanks to its selection as Pantone’s “Color of the Year”. When this gorgeous green was suddenly trendy, I took it as my opportunity to buy a few great green things, as it happens to be one of my favorite colors. Some might have engaged with the green as a trend, but for me, it just felt like a lucky time to stock up on what I know I’ll love regardless of the current style.

And that’s sort of how I feel about the plaid moment happening right now. You can see it as a trend, or if you love plaid, see it as your lucky day (or season).

Just to prove my point, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pins to show how timeless plaid truly is – from a 1950s Pierre Cardin coat in the Met Archives that I would wear in a second right now to a present day red tartan dress and oversized coat that would be perfect for your holiday party.

What do you think? Is plaid a trend or is it timeless?

[Images, left to right: Via, Via / Original, Via]

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  1. kimberlyloc

    Definitely timeless! It’s all about finding the right size stripes and colors that you know you will wear. I’m not a huge plaid person, but I like it in accessories. That dress you pictured above, though, has me questioning myself! It’s so beautiful. Perfect cut + great print = instant classic. Enjoy the retail return of plaid! :)

  2. Aubri

    “You can see it as a trend, or…as your lucky day.” I feel the same way! I don’t believe in following trends when they cause you to change your style, but I absolutely believe in taking advantage of trendy items that you love, because they won’t be in stores forever. Take midi skirts, for example: five years ago they were nowhere, but today every store has them. If mini skirts aren’t your thing, stock up now! Thanks for the thoughtful post and lovely photos.

  3. Rebecca | Seven2Seven8

    Good, well made plaid garments are always in style – sometimes they just happen to also be on trend. Same for colors – a gorgeous, flattering, classic color like emerald green, if it also suits you, doesn’t go out of style just because it goes out of trend.

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