Do Your Best Now, Then Do Better

This I Wear | Do Best Now, Then Do Better

I’ve been thinking about the words above since designer SwissMiss shared the quote on her blog recently.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

So often, we are overwhelmed by decision making: too many (or too few) choices, too many priorities to balance,  and feeling like we have to have ALL possible information before we decide. But sometimes putting off a decision is not an option. Sometimes we have to make a choice now, even when the perfect choice hasn’t yet been discovered (or doesn’t yet exist).

This applies to so much in our lives. It applies here to helping us decide how to apply our values to what we wear each day. It applies to the trial and error that I’ve gone through to create and grow this site. And it definitely applies to all the big life decisions I’ve been making lately. I’m sure you can come up with a few more situations too.

And when it comes to deciding how we shop, I hope we’ll go easy on ourselves. Don’t take the easy road (i.e. another $10 dress that will fall apart after one wash), but don’t go naked just because your wardrobe isn’t up to your standards and values just yet. Yep, I said naked.

Shop with intention. Ask questions. Find and take care of things you love.

And as you and I both learn more, we can do better by the people and environment impacted by the clothes we wear and the lives we lead. And I promise to post more too!

P.S. The skydiving photo was from a friend’s birthday jump almost exactly a year ago today. Here’s to living fully. Happy early birthday, Molly O!

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One comment

  1. Molly Oehmichen

    LOVE that quote and this post and you, Rebecca!

    This definitely applies to a lot of decisions I’ve been making as well. It’s a more elegant version of, “fake it till you make it.” :)

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