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Style Story: Lisa + the Turquoise Ring

This is Lisa. She’s my little sister, which means she has to do what I say. And I told her she had to pose for my first interview. She’s a trained fashion designer, now working wardrobe on film sets here in New Orleans. If I’m the sister who always wears the dresses, she is the sister who wears the pants (literally and figuratively). She’s got a unique tomboy-ish style that manages to come off as feminine, possibly due to her envy-inducing wavy hair. We talked about the difficulties of being petite, rings with complicated meanings, and my grandma’s house dresses.

What are you wearing today?

I’m wearing a grey scoopneck t-shirt, spearmint chinos, gladiator sandals, and I have some jewelry on – a necklace from my grandmother, a ring from my [other] grandmother and a Claddagh.

What is a Claddagh?

It’s an Irish tradition that you wear the ring to symbolize what your relationship status is.

How does that work?

Um, I don’t know exactly…If it’s pointing out, it means you’re in a relationship; if it’s in, you’re not in a relationship. I’m not sure. I need to do research.

[If you’re curious, get the scoop here.]

What part of your outfit is most special to you? Why?

I wear my rings all the time. The turquoise one in particular, because it’s from my grandmother, and she used to wear it. It’s not very often that rings fit me, so it’s nice that this one does. [She gave it to me] a few years ago.

What do you think of when you wear it?

It makes me think of her and maybe what kind of outfit she would have worn with it.

Like what type of outfit?

I picture her in one of her muumuus with some turquoise jewelry on. [Laughs]

Describe your style.

Simple. Classic. Not fussy. I like things that have clean lines and fit well. Fit is definitely important for me, because I never find things that fit well. When I do find something that fits, it becomes a staple, like these pants…because I’m petite.

Do you have a favorite thing in your closet?

My Rodarte for Target black party dress. It’s simple, but it’s really girly and cute. It fits me really well. I wore it to my senior fashion show. It was our independent show when I was presenting my final collection [for my degree].

Name one item you’d love to add to your closet.

If I had an unlimited amount of money, it would probably be a Chanel quilted purse, because I’ve loved Chanel forever. That probably translates into my style a bit, because [Coco Chanel] was a bit boy-ish in the way that she dressed. Even today, a lot of what Karl Lagerfield does isn’t super fussy, but it’s clean and classic and with twists.

A huge thanks to Lisa for the interview. If you still want more, you can follow her on Twitter @lisammagee. She’ll also be posting here in future and showing off her amazing sewing skills.

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