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Related No.3

Related No 3 | This I Wear

1. Read Farhad Manjoo thinks he’s found “the best sweatshirt known to man” and it’s made in America. [Slate via HBR]
2. Read the all-knowing Simon Doonan talks Etsy and making.
3. Watch the Obakki Foundation & 5 South Sudanese models team up to share stories of South Sudan and create high fashion that gives back to their motherland through clean water and sanitation projects.
4. See Chanel’s latest collection looks right out of the history books. Then take a peek behind the scenes how Chanel’s seamstresses make their famous tweed jackets.
5. Love Melissa Joy Manning‘s responsibly sourced jewelry line that features recycled metals, all handmade in her California studio. (My favorite is the fossil collection!)

Related No.2

Pinecones | This I Wear

1. Read Well Spent, a blog featuring “obtainable, honestly crafted goods” for gents (and the women who love things made in the USA).
2. Read A love story of lost mittens
3. Think Why don’t we get dressed up anymore? Smithsonian’s textile blog “Threaded” explores dress codes and etiquette of the 1960s.
4. Make Grab a sewing machine and create custom boot stuffers to keep your tall boots happy, courtesy of Loeffler Randall and HonestlyWTF
5. Watch Twins & biz partners Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato talk about the materials, the work, and the story behind their jewelry line [via OfAKind]
6. Do Nola TimeBank regularly hosts an event they call “Fix Mix” – bring clothes, shoes, electronics, whatever and the community will help fix it on the spot to keep things that can be repaired from being thrown away.
7. Love Mercado Global, a nonprofit that creates insanely stylish accessories with women artisans in Guatemala (and currently collaborates with big retailers like ABC Carpet & Home and Levi’s)

Related No.1

Since I started This I Wear, I’ve realized I will never have enough time to share all the amazing stories and resources I come across in my every day research. So starting today and continuing weekly, I’ll share what I’ve been reading/watching/listening to that I think you might like. Some might be my favorites I’ve shared on Twitter, while others will just be shared here. Since this is a new series, I’d love your feedback on what you like and don’t like and what you’d like to see more of.

Weekend Reading | This I Wear

– Think How could we apply new programs of limiting food waste to the fashion industry?  [“No Simple Recipe for Weighing Food Waste at Mario Batali’s Lupa” via NPR]
–  Read
The Good Wardrobe launched their “Sew It Forward” campaign in London to share skills like knitting, embroidery, and other handsewing arts that are being passed down less and less in families [Urban Times]
–  Read Kaufmann Mercantile explains why they opted out of Black Friday discounting
–  Read Design*Sponge kicks off the holiday season with a “No Buy” gift guide and a link to their DIY Archive
–  Do Donate children’s clothes (& toys) to Project11 Nola to be given to the kids/teens of Son of a Saint and Pink House
–  Listen I can’t get enough of the podcast “After the Jump,” including this episode with Megan Auman, author of In Defense of Stuff
–  Love SUNO, a New York-based womenswear collection with a commitment to ethical production and sourcing

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