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This I Wear | The White Shirt

Last week, I had a very interesting experience in the form of a reading, which I can’t quite explain. And no, I’m not talking about books. It wasn’t astrology and she’s not a psychic, but it was a really powerful experience, despite the fact that I am, in general, a very skeptical person.

I won’t go into too much detail since I’m not really sure how much of it to take to heart nor do I want you to think I’m one of those people who goes around looking for these sorts of things. But one of my favorite parts of the reading was when she told me that I’m in a period of compression – like a seed that will eventually bloom (what’s not to love?). And because I’m in this time of compressing, it’s the perfect time to shed the things that aren’t working for me anymore – negative thoughts, relationships that have run their course, and things in my closet.

Little did she know that I’m already living quite the minimal life, but it was a great reminder to not hold on too tight to things that aren’t working, but instead to loosen my grip and see where things go.

This week, I’m compressing my computer. It’s been on the fritz for a little while, so after I back it up in just a few more places for safety, it’s getting a fresh start.

Before I head offline and clean up this tech, I thought I’d share a little inspiration along the same topic of compression and the search for simplicity.

One of my favorite things on Pinterest is the search for timeless style (in fact, I have a whole board devoted to it!). I love looking for style inspiration, but I also always ask myself when I see an outfit I love if I think I’d still love it in a year, in two years, etc. It’s good practice for continuing my search for my own style and for improving my own abilities to see past trends and focus on the classics.

And one theme I find myself constantly being drawn to? A great button-down shirt. Whether you roll up the sleeves or tie the ends in a knot, there are endless ways to style a button down. And one in a crispy white will never go out of style.

What wardrobe staples make up timeless style for you?

Photos via Pinterest: one, two, three

Stories While Away

This I Wear | Stories While Away

If the media keeps telling us that our attention spans are getting shorter, it is certainly not paying attention to all the people who are telling stories just as well as your grandpa ever did way before the internet existed. As I’m off this week for a craft beer- and hiking-filled vacation in the Great Northwest (Portland!), I thought I’d turn over storytelling duties to others who are doing it pretty damn well.

Here are some stories I’m really enjoying:

01. The Alabama Chanin Journal is a treasure trove of stories of the artists, makers, and community that inspire Natalie and her team. It would be an understatement to say that Natalie herself is just a thought leader in sustainable fashion as she is truly a role model of how to put sustainability (and people) first in the making of things in the modern world. Read on for their latest journal series on personal heirlooms as they invite family and friends to share the things they hold dear.

02. Online ethical fashion retailer Zady only began in 2013, but it has already become a go-to source for beautifully designed and ethically made clothing and accessories for men and women. But as much as I’ve admired their product offerings, it wasn’t until I recently met co-founder Maxine that I really started to understand the care in which they select the products they carry and the disruption they hope to create in the fashion industry. In addition to giving us a great place to shop, their “Features” section is filled with great articles, including this recent article on the history of fabric dye.

03. New Zealander Emma Vitz writes about her adventures in conscious consumerism on her blog, This Kind Choice. I’m in love with the honesty and thoughtfulness of her writing, and I identify so much with her struggles to build a wardrobe that feels true to herself and her values. A favorite post for me is her own story of connecting with her clothes, so I was really excited to contribute to the series with one of my own stories too. She wants to hear your story too, so please reach out to her if you’d like to share your story.

I hope you all enjoy these stories, and hopefully I will come back from Portland with my own to tell. See you then!

A Few Links: Mending

This I Wear | A few links: Mending

It has been a long winter. And while I’ve been hibernating, I’ve been collecting ideas for posts. But as Spring and all of its newness and fresh ideas flood in, I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve given a good solid shout-out to those people and companies that have been inspiring me and teaching me a thing or two. And I’m still really feeling the mending vibe.

My favorites? Three solid sources, all teaching me how to take care of my clothes a little better. Enjoy!

01. nudie jeans believes all of us can be our own tailor. Check out their how-to video on repairing your jeans. (more on repair here)

02. Dominique Browning’s “Slow Love Life” article on the necessity of having a sewing kit. (If you don’t have one yet, Martha circa-1997 has you covered on what to stock in your own kit.)

03. Kristin Glenn of with 13 ways to make your clothes last longer.

What are your favorite mending tips and resources?


Related No.5

This I Wear | Related No.5
I mentioned recently that I’ve got a bit of a commute now, and I have developed this whole organized system of how I read all of my favorite blogs. And I can’t get enough. Here are some recent favorites:

1. Read Garance Dore’s 5 “Commandments of Style” all about creativity, quality over quantity, and enjoying the search. Guys, it’s really a great article.
2. Read Dana Arbib, founder of A Peace Treaty, explains her company’s awesome business model over on GOOD: saving endangered crafts, providing jobs for those affected by war, and sharing beautiful scarves and jewelry with us.
3. Fix your stuff at these designer-approved tailors, cobblers and more. (Lucky Brooklynites!) (Thanks, OfAKind!)
4. Wear some adorable and organic pjs courtesy of Australian brand ALAS. (Available in the US at ShopBop) (via Daily Candy)
5. Support Amy of Vermont-based Where Clothes in her Kickstarter campaign as she builds her company. As someone who also does everything herself, I know how helpful an extra hand can be!

Want more? Follow me on Twitter for more favorite reads and stylish finds.

Related No.4

I took a break from sharing my favorite readings and links around the internet as the new year had everyone off on a slow start. But I’m so happy to see new and exciting discussions on different aspects of ethical fashion popping up and also insanely grateful for the inspiration.

Here are a few things I’m loving lately:

1. Get Inspired by unexpected fashion. I recently attended the 4th Annual Recycled Fashion Show (pictured above) hosted by Bridge House New Orleans. Not only was it fun, but it put a whole new spin on thrift shop style and benefited a very worthy cause.
2.Watch Beth Doane talk about the dirty side of the fashion industry in this TEDxEMU video.
3. Attend Redress Raleigh’s Eco Fashion and Textiles conference from March 22-24 to see local players and industry gamechangers discuss how sustainability and social consciousness is finding its way into the apparel industry.
4. Learn how to properly sew on a button in this adorably quirky video by Eileen Fisher.
5. Love Given Goods, an online store where everything (yes, everything) gives back in one way or another. They’ve truly done a spot-on job of sourcing well-designed products from a wide range of young and growing brands. And well, they’re simply nice people too!

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