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In my former work life, I spent my days working at nonprofits. But in the last several months, as you can probably hint from my posts, I made the move to a new and exciting job in the field I’ve been interested in for so long: sustainable fashion.

When I’m not writing here, I’m working full-time on the social responsibility team for an international women’s fashion brand. And while my personal and professional interests overlap a lot, I have been trying to keep what I do during my day job and what I write about here as separate as I can.

So, please pardon this brief exception.

I wrote a post on about how I transitioned from the nonprofit to the for-profit world and how I found my current job. It’s a little bit sustainable fashion and a lot a bit career advice. Read the post here.

It took a lot of focus and a lot of letting people think I was being crazy to get to where I am. And since I’ve talked to many other young people interested in similar work or just on the search for a meaningful career, I’m hoping my story is helpful. Please let me know if you like the article, and perhaps I will share more on the topic of careers in Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly in the apparel industry.

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  1. Tavie

    Your post on Idealist was fantastic! Especially the part about going to the archaeology dig in Belize then working for a wedding planner. I majored in Anthropology and in between nonprofit jobs, worked for a wedding stationer. I really believe that people who take windy roads to get to where they’re going are the best employees because they’ve had to learn so many different skills to cope with different environments, and can work with the endless amounts of personalities they encounter.

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