First Time Here?

Well, you’re in luck, because it’s our first time too. THIS I WEAR said hello to the Internet this morning and while it’s still adjusting to the bright lights, it already has some big ambitions.

THIS I WEAR first popped into my head a year ago, but the timing was not right. Ideas needed to grow. Inspiration needed to be processed. Today, I am so happy to introduce my blog baby to you. I’ll hope you’ll stay, look around, and visit often (maybe even subscribe).

Let’s get the basics out of the way. THIS I WEAR is a street style blog but so much more. We’re talking about people and the things they love. THIS I WEAR is about who we are under our clothes and how we express those beliefs, quirks, and life experiences through our clothes. (Full story here)

THIS I WEAR truly is a statement of our beliefs. So here’s what I believe:

1. I believe if you don’t absolutely love something, then don’t buy it. I was lucky to learn this at an early age, courtesy of my Aunt Lynn, and it has never failed me…when I listen to it.

2. I believe (well, I know) I am not perfect. To help myself live true to what I’ll be talking about here, I did a recent closet overhaul. Found items include a pair of athletic shorts I wore under my school uniform in 7th grade, a dress I never wore in the 2+ years it sat in my closet, and a few things that never fit right but I kept them around anyway. I never loved that stuff. But just like the things I love tell you a lot about who I am, the things that I don’t love tell you one important thing too, which is to say that I am not perfect, and I am totally ok with that.

3. I believe each person finds a way to express individual style through what (and how!) he or she wears, regardless of socioeconomic/cultural/whatever background. Example: I attended a surprisingly diverse all-girls Catholic school (NB: I’m not even Catholic) and even with strict uniform rules, it was impossible to find two girls dressed exactly alike. Style cannot be held back by circumstances.

4. I believe that fashion and style are not synonymous. Style is personal and timeless, and that’s story-worthy.

5. I believe we’re going to have fun. If this isn’t fun at any point, I’m not going to do it.

Now it’s your turn. Since we’re just getting to know each other, please use the comment section to tell me what you believe. Think of it as an icebreaker. If you’ve still got questions about me, I hope you’ll find the answers here.

As a reward for making it this far, here’s what you have to look forward to: weekly interviews with new and old friends sharing their personal stories, highlights from my closet, peeks into the closets of people I admire to hear their philosophies, and tricks for taking care of the things in your closet you love.

Let’s. Do. This.

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  2. Sarah Schechter

    Love this. Love you. Its all going to be fabulous (and very stylish).

    Can’t wait to see you again soon!!

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