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Biddeford Pool, Maine | This I Wear

You may have noticed things were a little quiet here last week. If you’ve been tracking me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was off adventuring in NYC and Maine (check out that photo!) but also hard at work on some amazing interviews that will hopefully be posted soon.

During my ten days of travel, I also confirmed a very exciting new adventure for me both personally and professionally. After years of dreaming about it, I am headed to India for at least three months, starting in early September, for travel and some hands-on work and learning opportunities with artisan communities. I am so passionate about craft preservation, sustainability, design and supporting the people involved in this field, even if I am still unsure of my role. I am also very excited to share the stories of craftsmen and the people that I meet in my travels here. While the conversation might be different, the stories remain true to the mission of THIS I WEAR.

This is a huge step for me, even if I’m not quite sure where it will lead. I’m also not sure how this will affect THIS I WEAR. But I have some ideas:

New series: everything from peeks into my backpack to exploring the meaning of clothes in a new cultural context. If you have an idea of what you’d like to see here, email me.
New contributors: I am looking for writers/interviewers! If you’d like to tell stories from your city or if you have some ideas for posts you’d like to write, email me with your ideas and why you want to write for THIS I WEAR. If you have a writing sample, feel free to include it. Not interested in writing? You can help by spreading the word.

There may be more quiet time here while I try to get ready for three months of travel in just three weeks and as I settle into new surroundings, but I look forward to sharing these adventures with you.

Comment below or tweet @ThisIWear with India travel tips, words of wisdom, and ideas for what you want to see here.

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